Parking & Charging Station

Park for free

Our Underground Parking Garage

You arrive, you park your car, you check in, you enjoy your first drink at the hotel bar or take a nap in your cosy room - holidays can be so very easy-going and relaxing - provided that you do not need to spend time finding a parking space, right? But you will not have to do this, as we provide you with a free parking space in the underground parking garage (2,40 m high) right next to the hotel - guaranteed.

Thus, your car is not only parked in a safe place, but you can also be sure that you will not need your ice scraper. Additionally, your car keeps warm inside - a fact you will appreciate every time you sit down behind the steering wheel. By the way: when leaving the underground parking garage you walk straight into the hotel lobby. Well, holidays can really be easy-going and relaxing!

Recharge your car in our garage! 

 A charging station is available for our hotel guests. When you arrive in our hotel you use the charging station in the underground parking garage - and it is as easy as if you were at home.

You can recharge your car whatever make it is - BMW, Mercedes or any other make driven by electricity.

This is one way of showing that we take care of the environment.