Give everything but don't give up!

The traditional hotel in the heart of Ischgl.

We turn back the wheel of time. Summer 1995. In August our world was still in order. Four weeks later everything was different. Days before, our mum had danced at a wedding, apparently caught a chill and suddenly there was talk of cancer. She died at the age of 50. Stunned, helpless, speechless. At the same time, endlessly happy that we had her. She was a wonderful woman.

Her husband Elmar and their three sons remain behind. "We were youngsters back then and in reality still green behind the ears. I was the oldest at 25, my brother Gernot 23 and Manfred was just 18 and in the military," says one of the directors, Werner Aloys. This would have been a good time to give up. Throw everything away and leave it behind. Stick your head in the snow, because as we all know, there is more than enough of that in Ischgl. Start again and everyone would go their own way. That was never an option for us.

the Brothers Aloys

Before you give up, you should always ask yourself why you started.


"Our parents started out of love and passion and for us it was clear that we would continue." At this point, the question arises as to what role Elmar, the father, plays. The father was 52 years old at the time. He was never the front man, but a gifted cook. It was from him that today's chef and third son, Manfred Aloys, learned the craft of cooking. Two months later, everything was settled and divided up. Manfred and Werner took over the Hotel Tirol and Gernot the Hotel Garni Fimba. Everyone was happy, at least as far as the tragic situation allowed. In and around Ischgl there were always challenging things and events. The avalanche accident in 1999, floods in 2005 and finally in 2020, where the representatives of the media would not let go of Ischgl. There was something about the place in almost every headline. Manfred Aloys says: "Of course, sometimes you think that the cup is full. Everybody thinks that now and then. The natural disasters have shown us how important cohesion is in the village and in the family." In the avalanche disaster of 1999, the Paznaun valley was cut off from the rest of the world. The reporting back then was completely different from today, pictures and news did not go around the world within seconds. In retrospect, that was a good thing. The rescue workers probably still have the unpleasant images in their minds today. Flood disaster in 2005: the coverage was already a little more comprehensive than with the avalanche disaster back then. Corona 2020: In a fraction of a second, Ischgl was omnipresent worldwide. Our guests have remained loyal to us and appreciate our high quality. We are proud of that. We have learned from the past. Today we are wiser, stronger and more experienced than back then. Our guests remain loyal to us and the Ischgl slogan "relax if you can" is being lived again.

It's too bad that the media representatives have no interest in our successes.

The Hotel Tirol in the heart of Ischgl was a little jewel then as it is now, that's how we have always felt. We appreciate what our parents gave us. Today, by the way, the senior Elmar is the contact person for everything. In new German: facility manager. Wherever a skilled craftsman is needed, he is there. From the kitchen to the cellar, after all, he knows the house like no one else. We are and always have been proud of "our HOME", says one of the entertaining brothers.

Giving up is out of the question. Continuing is the only option.

A decision we made at a young age and have never regretted. The house for our employees was built in the year our mother died, at the Hotel Tirol and at the Fimba we constantly invested, modernised, added on to and renovated.

Our recipe for success? "We are a family business and we live partnership. Our guests appreciate the fact that humanity is written in capital letters here. It is important to create relationships based on partnership. This applies to all areas of our business. From A for employees, B for bank, F for family, H for craftsmen - you could go on endlessly." So says Gernot, who not only runs the Hotel Garni Fimba, but also helps out at the hotel reception.

Faster. Stronger. Better.

Where is the journey going in your industry? The brothers look at each other. Finally Werner's answer: "The guest doesn't want a golden spoon. He wants quality. He doesn't need a room with 60 square metres or even more. What he wants: a good mattress!"

Chef Manfred adds: "The guest of today and the future wants high-quality meat. Food from the region. Quality instead of quantity. Beautifully arranged and served in a friendly manner."

Gernot joins in and says with a wink: "In one sentence: guests want us."

The Aloys brothers have inherited a lot from their parents. Not only material things - also the following basic attitude: There have always been low blows and there always will be. Recognise the problem - roll up your sleeves and solve the problem! That says it all.

The three brothers seem to be a winning team. Each one completely different. One thing unites them: The passion for what they do.

There is a lot of laughter and joking at Hotel Tirol. The atmosphere is pleasant and the interaction is appreciative. By the way, the partners of the 3 brothers all work energetically - each one lends a hand and the areas are clearly divided.

A glance at the clock, the three men get up, high-five each other and everyone goes to their workplaces. Everything is as usual and therefore good.

In nature & with nature. Environmental awareness at Hotel Tirol**** in Ischgl.

Strength, power, courage and safety

the alpine nature is giving so much and enriching our life anew each day. In order to protect nature, we have set sustainable impulses in our 4-star hotel in Ischgl: with efficient heat recovery, the controlled room ventilation system provides for a pleasant room temperature.

Waste air from both the tumble drier and the ironing machine is used for heating up the supply air in the kitchen, while waste air in the kitchen is utilised for heating with a heat pump. A 120 m² solar power system, two pellets boilers, the 18 cm insulation of the building and the three-layer glazing make the environment-conscious Hotel in Ischgl an exemplary model hotel.